Vzet is a new high-intensity focused ultrasound concept that delivers vortex diffusion, inducing a thermal coagulative action in the cutaneous and subcutaneous layers, promoting an immediate effect with amazing gradual results.

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  • Induces collagen production gradually over several months through the tissue repair process;
  • With adjustable functions such as shot intensity, time and interval, the treatment becomes faster and less painful;
  • The unique applicator design allows a detailed operation, reaching smaller and more delicate areas;
  • Its self-cooling system allows prolonged use without decreased performance;
  • No consumable.

Antes e Depois


  • Submental
  • Lifting
  • Cellulite
  • Facial slimming
  • Skin tightening
  • Body flaccidity
  • Body contouring

Como Funciona?

Ultrasound energy is delivered to the focus area extremely quickly;
The heating point is formed and propagated in a small area;
Due to the intense and controlled energy delivery in the target area, the neocollagenesis process is initiated through the tissue repair mechanism.

Informações técnicas

Frequency 50/60Hz
Input power 200 VA
Voltage 200/240V
Weight 9Kg
Dimensions A397mm x L370mm x D200mm