Muscle evolution
for all profiles
of patients


The only muscle contraction technology
electromagnetic with full control of
pulse frequency.

ZField is a platform for muscle evolution
different patient profiles. Its technology uses
electromagnetic pulses to contract the muscles
generating a series of benefits for different
muscular condition.

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No pain,
just gain.

Offer all the benefits
of tetanic contraction
induced and more for
your patients.

Clinical indications

  • Body

  • Muscle

  • Muscle

  • Muscle


  • Abdomen

  • Ass

  • Thighs

  • Biceps and triceps

  • Calves

Frequency control
for different patient profiles.

Unlike all other similar ZField technologies allows full control of the frequency of contractions.

You can choose between pre-configured modes or set the exact frequency according to the patient's muscular context and treatment goals you want to achieve.

Patient profile

ZField is a platform for muscle evolution that can benefit several patient profiles:

- High performance athletes
- Amateur sportsmen
- Gym goers
- Patients with muscle deficiency

Motor nerve depolarization
with Zfield Dual

1. The system activates an alternating current in a copper coil that creates an electromagnetic field.

2. When close to the skin the field induces current in the muscles triggering the action potential on the motor nerve.

3. As a result of depolarization of the motor nerve muscle fibers are recruited and muscle contraction is performed.

Why ZField?

  • Control

  • No

  • Short

  • Simple and intuitive

  • Minimal sensation
    of nuisance

  • Greater variety
    of treatments

Safe, simple and fast

ZField treatment is performed with the patient lying down comfortably in 20 or 30 minute sessions.

The non-invasive procedure is virtually painless. The patient can resume their daily activities immediately after treatment.

Types of Muscle Fibers

Features of
muscle contractions

Slow fiber
Fast fiber

Strengthening and
muscle from A to Z.

Before and after


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