Welcome to the world of
Micropneumatic treatments

Ultra Beaujet is a pneumatic platform developed
for dermal remodeling that does not require

Discover a new approach to offer
diverse treatments and new clinical opportunities
for your patients.

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“Beauty Boom” in 3 steps.

Beauty Boom is the result of events that take place from the time of application of the compound under high pressure.

1. Micro explosion
The delivery of kinetic energy in a small area of the tissue dermal stimulates the proliferation of dermal fibroblasts that differentiate by inducing responsive genes.

2. Instant dermal retraction
The mechanical pressure effect induces
controlled microtrauma and immediate retraction
of the SMAS.

3. Active compound Effect
In addition to the immediate effect of the mechanical response, the active agents enhance the healing response by increasing speed, efficiency and consistency of treatment.


• Face and neck lifting

• Skin Tightening

• Capillary

• Wrinkles

• Perilabial wrinkles

• Scars
and keloids

• Stretch marks

• Sleep line

• Hyperhidrosis

Por que Ultra Beaujet?

  • Efficiency

    Precise and accurate application of skin solutions.

    Ultra Beaujet distributes the active compounds in different layers of skin accurately maintaining pressure level uniform pneumatics during operation.

  • Reciprocity

    Experience the ultimate in complementing treatments.

    “Beauty Boom” technology can be easily combined with other approaches (ultrasound, laser or radio frequency). Reciprocity with other technologies proposes the creation of new protocols with unmatched results.

  • Safety

    A breath of delicacy for rejuvenation.

    One microscopic entry point is enough to start the skin revitalization process. Introducing the bare minimum discomfort with high clinical safety, Ultra Beaujet is ready to further leverage the demand for treatments at your clinic.

Rejuvenation action x time

Collagen production;
Effect of active compound;
Skin contraction and tissue subcision.

Pneumatic technology. Jet results.

The micro dermal lesion is accompanied by the spreading of the solutions active at different depths of the skin. The first results manifest immediately after treatment.

Microkinetic technology for macro results.

The effects of Ultra Beaujet are cumulative from the first session, extending over the following months. The answer to these dermal events promotes neocolagenesis and neoelastogenesis, defining the scale of skin rejuvenation.

Tissue contraction Immediate effect, mainly manifested in facial lifting treatments.
Active compound Action Manifested between 2 and 12 weeks.
Collagen remodeling Longer and more significant effect of treatment. It manifests between 2 and 12 weeks lasting 6 to 12 months.

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