high performancem precision
laser for vascular treatments


award-winning quality

The award-winning excel V is an equipment developed
in partnership with some of the world's most renowned
physicists and dermatologists. The solid-state laser
system incorporates two wavelengths - 532 nm and
1064 nm - to meet more than 20 treatments for all
skin types. Excel V features a broad set of features
to treat varied superficial and deep vascular conditions,
benign pigmented lesions and skin revitalization.

True Pulse® Technology

Maintains constant energy throughout
the pulse duration. Exclusive technology
with clinically proven results for the
treatment of vascular lesions.


The wavelength of 532 nm is especially effective in treatments
of rosacea, diffuse redness and telangiectasias. The wavelength
of 1064 nm Nd: YAG (optional tip) expands treatment capabilities
allowing care with darker and deeper vascular lesions including
leg and periorbital veins as well as venous lakes and venous
malformations. It is also used to perform the Laser Genesis
procedure patented by Cutera.

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