The most powerful
PS laser on
the market



The first and only three wavelength (1064nm, 670nm, 532nm)
laser with peak and nanosecond that allows the effective
treatment of melasma, pigmented lesions, rejuvenation,
pores and removal of tattoos. Unlike other devices on
the market, it delivers up to 3x more power at 1064 nm
(600mJ) and up to 1.5X power at 532 (32mJ). In addition,
its wide flow rate with spot size selection gives
Enlighten the position as the best and most advanced
PS platform in the world.

  • 3x more power
    with 1064 NM

  • 1.5x higher power
    with 532 NM

  • 670 NM
    New wavelength

  • Zero

  • 100% eficaz
    for all

Pico Genesis

The New Age of Laser Skin Treatment

Introducing a new era in skin revitalization
Pico Genesis is the newest treatment method for pigmented
lesions, rejuvenation, pores, skin texture and melasma.
The technology combines two wavelengths (532 + 1064nm)
into ultra-short pulses, causing photomechanical heating,
non-thermal, no downtime and no consumables.

Before and after


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