RF Platform
with radiofrequency


Exclusive 3DEEP technology

Endymed is a super powerful radiofrequency platform that
provides facial and body treatments for a variety of
conditions and treatments.

Combining its powerful tips, technology acts to improve
flaccidity, scars, rejuvenation, stretch marks, enlarged
pores, cellulite and remodeling of the body contour,
without downtime or discomfort and with high satisfaction
for the patient.

Endymed Pure 2.0

Portable version of Endymed
with 3.5mm microneedle.

Endymed PRO

5mm microneedle with option of
facial contour tips.

3DEEP Radiofrequency

3DEEP technology achieves three levels of
skin depth with complete safety, as it has
temperature, movement and impedance sensors.
We can say that it acts three times more
deeply than the monopolar devices thanks
to its technology that volumetrically
heats the area.

One tip for each need

  • Shaper

    Designed for the treatment of body flaccidity and cellulite in large body areas.

  • Mini Shaper

    Designed for facial, submental, knee and arm contouring.


    Ablative fractional rejuvenation: treats fine wrinkles, open pores and skin texture, stretch marks and acne scar.

  • Ifine

    Specially developed for the treatment of wrinkles and flaccidity skin in delicate areas such as perioral and eyelids, upper and lower.

  • Small

    Developed for the treatment of flaccidity of face, neck, cleavage and submental.

  • Intensif

    Robotic Gold Microneedle Only the INTESIF tip generates throughout the body of the needle a synergy of collagen stimulation by the RF heat and the microfuses.

  • Contour

    The power of 3DEEP focused energy combined with the benefits of vacuum to provide the ultimate in cellulite reduction, body contouring and flaccidity. Vacuum massage doubles energy delivery and increases volumetric heating of the treatment area, elevates blood flow and improves circulation of affected areas. Attaining higher temperatures, Contour improves the appearance of cellulite, sculpts and reshapes the body.


  • Endy up

    Combines iFine and FSR tips to improve flaccidity and fine wrinkles in the periorbital region.

  • Endy Hands

    Improves flaccidity and treats fine wrinkles of the hands by associating the Small and FSR (or Intensif) tips in monthly sessions for stimulation and collagen production.

  • Endy Fast

    It acts against flaccid facial, submental and neck in few sessions, promoting immediate results. The protocol uses the Small tip in biweekly sessions to stimulate the production of collagen.

  • Endy Lips

    Developed for the treatment of deep wrinkles on the lips. The protocol is performed with the iFine and Intensif tips in monthly sessions.

Before and after


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